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Anonymous asked: "who was Kayleigh? and what was her URL?"
She was a massive fan of ant and dec and a big part of this fandom

- Kayleigh xx

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Anonymous asked: "I'm sorry to hear about Kayleigh... I did ask it as a message not on a confession... Rest in Peace Kayleigh x"

sorry, that’s on me, i thought you wanted it published as a confession.

- Kayleigh xx

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My thoughts go out to all of Kayleighs family and her friends, this must be the hardest time ever for you, and you are always in our minds. If any support is needed for anyone, we’re all here for you. This is a hard time for the entire fandom, but especially Kayleighs family. We’re here for you during this hard time. Rest In Peace Kayleigh xx

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for me personally, i prefer David, but only just :)

for me personally, i prefer David, but only just :)